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Human Spirit, Red Soul

As an author and speaker, Rosanne brings forward the messages of her ancestors through her life experiences. 

She honors the legacy of her great-great-grandmother Marie Dion by writing under her name. Marie hid her Native identity to protect her family at a time when Native children were being taken away and put into residential schools.

Returning What’s Sacred

When she unexpectedly came upon a Native sacred object, exposed and desecrated at a gun show near her home in Massachusetts, Marie flew into a rage at its seller. (Sacred objects cannot be sold, let alone unwrapped and put on display). Little did she know how this event would change the trajectory of her life. 

Tasked by the object’s ancestors to return it to its original home in the Black Hills of South Dakota, Marie embarked on a ten-year mission as custodian of the object’s healing, and a remarkable cross-country trek that would take her deeper into healing and interconnectedness than she could ever imagine.

Marie shares this story in her upcoming book, Returning What’s Sacred. (Coming in 2024)

“This book allows the reader to see any act they have done, whether large or small, can impact the rest of the world and humanity.”
President, The American Society of Dowsers
“The people who will read this book will be impacted physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in a conscious and unconscious way. As I read this book my heart ached, cried and rejoiced for you and with you. I could hear this story a thousand times and still be blown away.”
Nipmuc Tribal citizen, Ohketeau
Journey of a Red Soul

Journey of a Red Soul is the story of Marie’s life, as told by her ancestors, who showed her how the events and relationships of her current life related to past lives, like puzzle pieces snapping into place: one soul, one journey, many lives. 

Born into an Italian, Catholic family in the 1960s, Marie did not delve into her Native ancestry until she was in her thirties. Once she did, the threads of her early mystical experiences, inexplicable reactions to ordinary things, and ability to remember past lifetimes began to come together to reveal her role as a bridge between worlds. 

Journey of a Red Soul traces Marie’s path of discovery, sharing lessons and insights learned in previous Native lifetimes toward healing racism of all forms: namely, that we are all interconnected and “walk in the other’s shoes.”

“Marie Dion has penned a story that brings to life one person’s search for place, identity, and origins.”
NYT bestselling author
Intuitive Sessions

Healing and change can only happen in a sacred container of compassion and empathy. The healing process is an ancient way of being.

Channels flow information from the unseen world, that other people don’t yet know how to access. (Part of my role is to help you remember your ability to do this for yourself).

Part teaching, part healing, all truthtelling, it’s all a process but it doesn’t have to be dramatic or painful. Like water, it’s not always apparent what is moving in its depths… And in the same way that canyons are carved from rock by a trickle of water over time, the most profound transformations happen naturally and gradually.

True, long-lasting change is best achieved when we are honest with ourselves.

I meet you where you are. You come to me when you are ready. This work is not right for everyone, and not everyone is ready for it. When we soften, this allows guidance to flow through—from other realms, from our deepest intuition and instincts.

Through this work, you will build your trust in yourself. Reclaim your power, intuition, and instincts, with faith in yourself and where you’re going.

If you’re ready, let’s talk:

Speaking Engagements

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Natural Living Expo, Marlborough, MA  |  2016-Present

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2022 |  The Twelve Instructions
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2018 |  The Spiritual Bridge: Living in Two Worlds
2017 |  Sacred Earth / Sacred Self and the “Awakening”
2016 |  Paying Attention to Signs in Nature

American Society of Dowsers National Conference  |  2022-Present

2023 | Saratoga, NY 
Opening + Closing Ceremonies
Presentation – A Return to What’s Sacred
Workshop –  Morning Rituals to Return to What’s Sacred

2022 | Plymouth, NH
Presentation – The Sacred Medicine Wheel: A New Perspective
Workshop – Creating a Sacred Medicine Wheel