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Scientists and mystics, walking together.

Every year, the American Society of Dowsers brings together cutting-edge experts, teachers, and practitioners to speak and teach on everything from water dowsing to ley lines, space clearing to finding lost objects, all the way through classes on subtle energies and our evolving consciousness.

I am honored to present a talk and a workshop at this year’s Conference:

Recognizing the Signs, Dowsing the Answers 

Your heart is your power. Your soul is your truth. Stop using your mind to push away miracles. Learn to recognize the nuances and signs around you in color, nature, and intuitions. These are messages from Spirit, the light on the horizon that guides you. What is true for you? Dowse your answers. Signs + dowsing = clarity!

Workshop: Your Life Needs a Voice and Your Soul is the Truth-teller

When you ask the right questions from a place of the heart, seeking what is true for you and your soul, this builds a solid foundation under your feet no matter what is happening around you, whatever chaos is happening in the world. Your truth is not affected by the chaos. It is inside you, untouchable, if you know how to protect it, listen to it, and hear with your heart. We’ll practice these tools together. 

Whether you are a beginner on the spiritual path, an experienced dowser, or just curious about the many ways that energy can help to enhance your life and work, everyone is welcome at the American Society of Dowsers’ Annual Conference. No dowsing experience is required… in fact, the Conference is a great place to learn how!

Choose among 40+ speaker presentations, dive into an in-depth workshop, explore the bookstore and metaphysical expo, or book a session with a wellness practitioner. Beginners can take ASD’s popular Dowsing Foundations class. 

You can attend in-person or virtually, by livestream:

What: The American Society of Dowsers’ 64th Annual Conference

Where: Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel & Trade Center, Marlborough, MA

When: Friday-Sunday, June 14-16 2024

Come together with like minds, hearts and souls to gain energy and dowsing knowledge and skills, guided by those walking the same path. Learn more and register at

P.s. I’ll also have a booth at the Conference’s Metaphysical Expo, which is open to public. If you’re located near Marlborough, MA, come on by and say hi!